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Who are we?

The company that uses a balanced combination of old fashioned skill, training and experience, modern techniques and technology, a futuristic vision and a strong faith to create a wealthy and healthy business environment.

This is done through a firm belief in our strengths, a realistic acknowledgement of our limitations, and a strong faith in the future of our economy.

A brief history
Quartz Technology started as a technical consulting concern.  It started off by the design and development of a management information system for a large petroleum company.

It gradually developed into what it is today.  Information systems lie at the very heart of every organization, because every successful organization succeeds on the strength and relevance of its management information on the one hand and the structure in which this information is generated and utilized on the other hand.  We fully realize that and have taken the challenge to provide smoother and more efficient vehicles to process data into useful information.
However, it became apparent that that was not enough.  Information is of little use if it cannot be used effectively and certainly add to the bottom line.  Practical systems are necessary, practical skills and knowledge on successfully running a business.  Strategic positioning one's business and where to start, is so essential in running a business, any business.  So we developed very powerful business planning tools, across the whole spectrum of managerial functions.
What we are today
We have soon seen the unique challenges facing our new and growing economy.  It is exiting and challenging, because we live in a new era, a potentially rich country, a huge excess in human resources, but a critical shortage in managerial skills and resources.  Besides that, we are also faced with unique political and socio-economical challenges.

Put this all in the pot, and what comes out is a clear picture that shows us that those who have the skills, knowledge and experience, will have to share what they have with whoever crosses our path.  This is for the good of everybody and for the country at large.

This is what we have set ourselves out to do.  We have an honest desire to make this country work economically.  Therefore, we are ready and willing to lend a helping hand, be it with setting up a new business, streamlining and structuring an existing one, assisting and guiding with re-organizing and turnaround strategies, or whatever need there might be with any business management issue.
What does the future hold
In spite of what many people might perceive, the future for this country is rosy.  It is exiting.  It is challenging. It is not for the weak of heart.  It is a great country to live in for those who have faith in themselves, the honesty and will to err and learn, and the faith that it can and it will work!

To us at Quartz Technology, it is extremely important to stay involved, to assist, guide and help where ever we can and who ever is willing to be helped, and that is how it will stay.

If you have the same faith in your business or business idea as we have in our country at large, then we want to talk to you.
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Last modified: May 25, 2007