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We have at last started with the long awaited rebuild of this entire website. The plan is to go live by the end of December.

We will keep you updated.
Obviously, our opening specials will still be available.


Who we are   

Welcome to Quartz Consulting!!  


You have a fine business or business idea!  Is its clockwork fine-tuned, are you using the latest technology, ...  are you sure your company will reach the top this new millennium ... ?

bullet Financially?
bullet Operationally?
bullet Human Resources?
bullet Growth?
bullet Management Information Systems?
bullet Without a well designed Web Site?
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If you cannot answer "YES" to all these questions, you need to talk to us.  It will have a positive impact on your company!


You want to be successful in your business ... right?



Our Mission



The company that uses a balanced combination of old fashioned skill, training and experience, modern techniques and technology, a futuristic vision and a strong faith to create a wealthy and healthy business environment.

This is done through a firm belief in our strengths, a realistic acknowledgement of our limitations, and a strong faith in the future of the economy.



Contact Information

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+2731 916 1736
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Last modified: March 19, 2014